Catholic Orthodox Christian 925 Sterling Silver Cross Necklace - 24k Gold Plate with Chain

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Catholic Orthodox Christian 925 Sterling Silver Cross Necklace  - 24k Gold Plate with Chain

High quality item, very light, it is pleasure wearing it!

Set in 925 Sterling Silver and High Quality 24K Gold Plating - Dimond Cut Cubic Zirconia Cross Pendant
Size 1 1/16 inches tall x 3/4 inch width
Includes Adjustable Chain 17 to 18 inches - Chain also 925 Sterling Silver 24kt Gold Plating - Gift Boxed Beautifully
Comes with a brochure explaining how cross was made and what materials were used

 Mounting of diamonds in pave setting requires great skill and expertise, with lot of patience and perfection required from a craftsman.

What is Micro-Pavé Setting?

 Pavé is pronounced "Par-vay" and originates from the french word literally meaning paved, to best describe the arrangement of diamonds set across the surface. Diamonds are arranged at regular intervals, in a close proximity in a uniform arrangement, building up what appears to be a coating of diamonds, with each stone held within small grains of metal impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. The technique can be used to cover a wide expanse of precious metal.

Micro-pavé settings are created with the smallest stars (fully cut diamond melee in very small sizes) that are uniform in size and laid out in a honeycomb like arrangement over the surface.

How to Pave set Stones?

General steps that a craftsman follows to pave set stones in a cross:

  • First small holes are drilled on the cross for placing diamonds.
  • Then identical-sized tiny diamonds are placed in small holes.
  • Diamonds are grouped tightly in row so that diamonds covers up as much space of the surface as much possible without overlapping each other, with some breathing space between diamonds. The objective is that the metal should be as little visible as possible, so that just the glittering row of diamonds is evident minus the metal.