Sterling Silver 925 Tree of Life Earrings 1 3/4 Inch

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Sterling Silver 925 Tree of Life Earrings 1 3/4 Inch

An elegant image of life, joy, and healing, this pendant is based on the timeless symbol of the Tree of Life which stood in Paradise (Genesis 2:9).

925 Sterling Silver 
Chain adjustable 17 to 18 inch Sterling Silver 925 
Comes with the green traveling jewelry  pouch

Size including hoops : 1 3/4 Inch
Size of tree part 1 1/16 inch  x 1 3/8 inch width


Include small brochure - with the description of Tree of Life and a small blank page where you can write a personal message to you your loved one.


The Universal Symbolisms: 


 The tree of life meaning symbolizes many nurturing aspect of life, powers of Mother Earth. The Universal symbolism was found in many spiritual traditions around the world. It symbolizes life itself, with it’s branches reaching for the heavens “Father Sky” and it’s roots, linking to “Mother Earth”The Tree has become a symbol of Love, Wisdom, Re-Birth, Growth, Strength, Redemption, Friendship, Bounty, Encouragement, Good Health, Bright Future, Positive Energy, Fertility, Immortality and a fresh start on life.